Pou Shave Time - Handsome potato has returned!

You can totally turn into another guy after shaving. Do you believe that? If not, just have a look at Pou Shave Time. Play Pou Shave Time at play friv 2018! Pou was a handsome potato. Now, he looks like an old man with a bushy beard because he hasn’t cared about his appearance for a long time. No one knows why.


Pou in Pou Shave Time ceases to recognize because of his large beard. He is invited to a party tonight. After receiving so many complaints from friends and relatives, today he decided to go to the barber shop and get back his handsome look. Yes, in this friv Games for kids, you are the hairdresser who takes responsibility for that.


You have a lot of work to do. First, you cut off his beard with scissors and use a clipper to shave the area on his chin. Now, it’s time to apply some shaving cream and clean all his face. After shaving, you have to remove the worms that were hiding in his beard and heal small cuts on his face. That’s it.


You succeed in bringing the handsome look back for him. He is ready for the party tonight. Now, Pou in friv becomes smooth and silky. Surely, many girls out there will immediately fall in love and want to go out with him on a date. All thanks for your efforts. If you’re looking for more fun games like this one, you can get tons of them at game friv online such as http://friv-2018.net/  Enjoy!


Instruction to play:

How to play: You can use your mouse to play on the PC or tap on the screen on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy this game.