Neon Ball 3d

Neon Ball 3d game at free friv Games is a fascinating and exciting speed race which is suited to speed enthusiasts. If you are looking for a dramatic speed game, you don’t miss the opportunity to explore Neon Ball 3d game online. How far can you control the ball? Take part in this race and find the answer! 

Are you a person who is passionate about speed? Are you looking for an exciting game to challenge your abilities and speed? Great! Neon Ball 3d game at school friv will satisfy you immediately! In particular, when you play this game, you will also have the opportunity to improve and increase your speed.

In this game you will participate in a race with the most complicated races in the world. The racetrack will appear with a variety of paths and a series of challenges. Your goal is to control a golden ball on the track and make it move as far as possible. However, this challenge is not easy because the speed of the ball is very fast in the game at friv Games for free

Therefore, it will give you many difficulties and challenges to move in the curves. You won’t control a ball on a straight line, instead you will control it on a track with curves and turns in all directions. The ball will easily break into the dead hole in the curves. So, you have to watch carefully and control the ball in time to avoid falling to the ground.

In each turn you will only have one life, the game will end immediately if your ball falls to the ground. Warning! You will have to play it again because the ball is very easy to fall down.

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Instruction to play:

Control the ball by using your mouse on the computer.