Easter Memory

Easter eggs appear in the game Easter Memory with many different colors. You need to remember the eggs of different colors to pair them when participating in the game at https://friv-2018.net/. Each level will have eggs with different shapes and colors. Their numbers also increased. Therefore, you have the opportunity to experience the memory challenge through the easy-to-difficult turns of this game.

The highest score you achieved corresponds to the number of levels you have passed. Share your memorization tips with friends or other players if they are looking to find a way to top the list of the best game players in this puzzle game. Your online gaming world will be richer than ever. Overcome challenges and perfect the task that you get in the online game Frivgames games.

We expand the puzzle game world with different tasks that players can show off their gaming skills and relax after every stressful studying hour. Tips to remember in the game also help you win easily. Save the differences between the Easter eggs and make the best match after the cards have been laid. Do not take too many times to memorize each card or turn over all cards without the best result.

You will be confused if you turn too many times. Therefore, please observe and remember the locations to exercise your memory when participating in this online game world. This game is similar to some other puzzle games on your gaming journey like Tank Defender and Grid Race. Can you start this job today?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to flip cards and pair if they are similar