Little Monkey Rescue - Rescue the poor monkey with your intelligence

It is so awful! A small monkey is being held in a cage in front of a dangerous house in Little Monkey Rescue at friv Games online. This monkey really wants to escape from this house and it needs your help. Jump into Little Monkey Rescue game online and find out mysterious clues in the house now!


Little Monkey Rescue is an interesting and dramatic puzzle game at friv school games. The game tells the story of a small monkey that was captured in a small cage. The monkey feels pain when locked up in the cage every day. It craves freedom and wants to return to the wild and its family.


However, it is alone and it can’t escape while being detained. Please show your intelligence and release the poor monkey at friv free Games. To solve puzzles in the game, you must find the important clues and combine them with your intelligence and talent. These secret clues will not be displayed in simple locations.


Instead, they are often hidden in small areas where you often do not pay attention when searching. Therefore, you need to focus carefully and not ignore any small details in the game.


Because the key of the game may lie in positions where most of us don’t think. To find the clues on the screen at free friv Games, you just need to click on the symbols and collect important information to solve the puzzle.


Pay attention to trash, trees, doors, vases, roofs and leaves because the clues may be hidden here. Was it fascinating enough and curious for you? Play this interesting puzzle game at friv Games free 2018 and explore more with some related games like Have a great time!


Instruction to play:

Instructions: Find the clues around the house by using the mouse on the keyboard.