Snakes And Ladders – A game of luck

Great! You are so lucky. Hurry to dice the pendulum and pass through all opponents on the battle. Try your best to get 6 dots of the pendulum and take an extra turn. Don’t forget to explore more with friv free Games.


Play Snakes And Ladders at Games friv online and laugh happily every time in this puzzle game. Who will get to the end in the shortest time? Explore Snakes And Ladders now!    


Snakes And Ladders game is one of the most attractive puzzle games at friv games. This game does not require you to have many skills, all will depend on luck and surprise factor. However, this is also the highlight to attract players to this game. I believe that you can relieve stress and have hours of relaxation at friv4.


Before starting this puzzle game, you can select the mode, the players (two players, three players, four players, five players and even six players in a match) or your character’s color. Note that at game online friv, with ladder, you go up and with snakes, you go down. Haha! Imagine, if your item is at the bottom of the game, it meets a ladder and hang onto the first place.



Instruction to play:

How to play? Use your left mouse to play this game.