Why do so many passengers call you today? Such a lucky day! You will earn big money. Show off your driving skills in Taxistory as you play as a taxi driver and write your diary about what you do, who you meet in each working day at play free friv Games. Sound good, right? Many passengers are waiting for you to pick up. They wait for you at their home and any locations and want you to transfer them to their destination.

Controls are simple. You just need to click and hold your left mouse to go ahead and release it to slow down. The obstacles here are the junction roads and crossroads. You must avoid crashing into any vehicles on the way. If you hit any cars, the game ends. The feeling as you go from the starting line to the finish line with one click is satisfying.

Certainly driving at high speed will feel very excited but it’s dangerous. you will not be able to avoid if a car appears in the front. As a result, the accident took place and you have to play that current level again. On, with the money you have, you can buy new cars or invest in the estate. You also have so many achievements to get. Meet the requirements and you get extra money.

Be ready because the game becomes more challenging over time. The travel route will become more complicated. Remember that safety is a top priority. No limited time, so don’t rush. If this type of game is your favorite, you should check out Ball Picker 3D and Easter Differences 

Instruction to play:

Click and hold your left click to move and release to slow down.