Road Fight – The most attractive race on the planet at friv4

Who dares to conquer every racetrack in Road Fight at friv best game? Raise your hand! Drive your car as fast as possible in Road Fight right now! Who will become the champion?


Road Fight is one of the most attractive racing games for all ages at frivgame 2018. This game promises to bring a lot of exciting experiences to players around the world. Are you ready to play this awesome racing game? This chance is for you. Before starting this race, you can choose any your favorite car such as yellow car, blue car or purple car.


For each vehicle, they have strengths and weaknesses in speed or the ability to move. The context of the game is set in a narrow street where there are many means of transport moving constantly on the road. These cars are moving with no rules, traffic lights or traffic police’s instructions along the way.


So, this can cause a lot of difficulties for you throughout the journey at friv at school. Keep your steering wheel carefully and drive your car wisely to pass through all other cars on the race track. Use all driving skills to avoid crashing into the fence on the road. Who will become the best racer at friv game play? Try to play Car Rush 2

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use arrow keys or your left mouse to control your car.