Snake Challenge

A little snake needs a kind owner to adopt it. Do you want to take this responsibility? Welcome to Snake Challenge at play friv games, a game that brings you back in time with the classic snake game that you may have played before. This game has the brighter graphics that bring you to a colorful world. Here a small snake awaits you in the middle of the garden. It’s hungry and it needs to eat.

Your mission is to lead it to the tasty fruits scattered everywhere but only one fruit appears at a time. Once your snake eats this fruit, a new one will appear randomly. So you must lead it to these fruits without crashing into the walls or hitting its body. Don't worry about the snake eating too much. It needs to eat a lot to grow as fast as possible. On, your snake won’t stop eating as soon as you don’t fail.

You have only one chance at each playing time. Your score depends on the number of fruits that the snake eats. If the snake grows so long, but you make a mistake, you have to raise it from the beginning. So be a wise guide. Have a long body makes the snake easily hit its body when slithering around. Make sure you keep it safe at all costs. Challenge will not make you give up, it will motivate you to conquer it. Enjoy filly the game and other games such as and Kize .io 

Instruction to play:

Change the direction by using your mouse or arrow keys.