Angela Real Dentist - Who wants to go to the dentist?

In Angela Real Dentist, our lovely kitten has no choice but meets her dentist due to her decayed teeth. Help her in Angela Real Dentist at friv 2018!


In a beautiful day, Angela woke up and started brushing her teeth. However, she feels so painful. Unsurprisingly, she found a decayed tooth. Such a bad day for Angela! Although she doesn’t want to go to the dentist, she has to. In this friv Games for girls, you are Angela’s dentist and you are responsible for treating her teeth quickly before it gets worse.


Firstly, before you start the check-up, let’s help Angela brush her teeth because hygiene is an important step. After that, you check the decayed tooth. She feels nervous so make sure to calm her down, then keep continuing. Now, it’s time to treat and repair her tooth using various dedicated tools.


Finally, you fill the cavity in her tooth with dental filling materials to bring back its normal function and shape. When everything is done, Angela has no more hurt feelings and she can smile brightly again thanks to you. More amazingly, this friv game can be played both on PC and touched-devices.


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Instruction to play:

Instructions: You use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap to choose tools if you play on your tablet or smartphone.