Alien Hunter - The hero rescues the world

Our world is facing extinction. Aliens and beasts have appeared everywhere in Alien Hunter at friv for school. Fight and bring peace back to the world with Alien Hunter right now!


Alien Hunter at friv Games school is a fascinating fight between humans and aliens. Imagine that one day, our world would be destroyed by aliens. They will engulf the whole world into darkness and you are the only survivor of this historic battle. So, your task is extremely important and great. What must you do to defeat the aliens?


Join Alien Hunter at play free friv Games and fight due to your love in life. In the city, beasts and aliens with special abilities have appeared everywhere from schools, hospitals, cinemas, public parks or even houses. You are alone with no partner, no support and no many lives. All you have is a gun in your gun and your fighting skills at play friv Games.


Control your character to move wisely through deadly traps and toxic monsters along the way. Warning! Beasts have special abilities to kill you in a short time. Therefore, I have a strategy for you that you should avoid colliding with them in the city in the beginning. Don’t forget to use 3 supportive tools such as firestorm, lightning and cold ice to destroy many aliens. Explore more with Sand Worm at friv Games for boys.

Instruction to play:

How to play? Kill the enemy with your left mouse.