Super Sniper

As its name, Super Sniper is a shooting game that gives you a chance to prove that you are a master of the sniper. You are hired to assassinate some bad guys. Clear this mission to earn money. You can do it. Here at friv Games online, you have 30 missions and each mission requires you to kill a certain number of bad guys. Because you’re a sniper and you do an assassinate mission, so you have to aim and shoot the targets from a far distance.

Some enemies stay still that make you easy to kill them but some walk around and you have to pay attention to aim accurately. Don’t be rush because there is no limited time. Take your time to aim and shoot accurately. Besides, if you miss, you won’t be punished. This game is created for fun, so everyone can pick up and play without any troubles. Like other choices of games that you play on, the game becomes more challenging as you level up.

The missions later require you to put more effort and time to conquer. Challenging levels make you more excited and enjoy the gameplay. One more interesting thing about this game is that even you miss, you won’t be spotted by enemies and they won’t attack you.

You’re totally safe. It’s quite friendly, isn’t it? 30 levels bring 30 different challenges that make you sweat during the game. However, it’s worth it for you to spend your time playing. It won’t let you down in any aspect. Hope you love it and don’t forget to check other choices of games such as Super Plumber and Mahjong Firefly 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to aim and left click to shoot.