Foot Surgery - Carry out the foot surgery at surgery clinic

This girl has a cut on her foot. Let’s carry out the foot surgery at your surgery clinic. Experience the work of doctors in Foot Surgery at friv now! Enjoy Foot Surgery!


There are a lot of patients rushing to your surgery clinic with various foot injuries waiting for treatment. Foot Surgery is an insanely interesting game which brings out the doctor inside you. You will have a chance to become a surgeon in this friv Games friv game to treat feet issues.


Nobody wants to have any scars on the body, even on the feet. This girl at friv 2018 has a huge cut on her right foot, probably because of a car accident or she falls and your mission is to carry out the foot surgery without leaving a scar. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to perform all the steps in order.


First, you have to clean the cut and disinfect the cut. Next, you carefully sew the cut and bandage to prevent dirt which may cause infection. After one week of medical treatment, it’s time to take out stitches. That’s all! Now, when her foot is perfectly healed, let’s create a perfect manicure for her.


Choose a gorgeous nail style, add some sparkling items and give her a beautiful tattoo, too. Do you love this game? Don’t forget to enjoy more games at friv Games girl, such as Talking Angela Great Shopping Have fun!



Instruction to play:

Controls: This game is playable on the computer by using the mouse and on the touched-devices by tapping.